About us

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Great sports performance is created by well-functioning athletes in good balance in all areas – both physically and mentally, as well as emotionally and professionally.

At people in sport we specialise in getting some of the more fundamental things to function for professional athletes.

Many of the things are not critical for performance, but they are nevertheless critical in order for the daily day to function, concentration to be high and championships to be won.

Our work can be advisory, profiling the person, the establishment of the mental foundation and development of a career plan – civilian and sporting. We are also an active participant in the goals of the plan being realised. people in sport are currently among Europe’s fastest growing agencies.

We base our growth on Scandinavian values ​​and a network-based organisation, where the skills of the individual are for the benefit of the whole. It is also based on many years of experience with assisting top athletes.

We run our company as a business with a human touch