Women’s Handball

Mads Winther
Phone : +45 20 14 71 72

Mads is the founder of people in sport. He has been dedicated to the sport all his life – both as an active sportsman and as manager and board member for clubs in both the top leagues for handball and football. Educationally, Mads has an MSc, and he also works as a lecturer at the Business School.


Mads acts as a coach and advisor for both handball and football players. It is based on the experience of coaching athletes and top managers for many years and as a licensed FIFA agent.


With a management background from the consulting branch, Mads is particularly strong on strategies and sales. Mads has been the driving force at many places behind the development of sponsorship concepts. He was also central in the development of strategies for SønderjyskE, for example. Currently Mads is senior partner at the consulting firm intenz and also the anchorman at people in sport.


Mads’ philosophy is that attitude and motivation are crucial to the results we create, and that we can help to find the necessary motivation to deliver top results.

Michael Hansen
Phone : +45 25 66 09 55

Michael Hansen joined as a partner at people in sport on 1 January 2008, and sits as the lead for PINS Handball, where he is also the agent for many women’s and men players.


Michael is a trained accountant and he has worked as a financial director and has also been a computer consultant. He has always worked with handball, first as a player at Skjern Handball, and later at VRI. He suffered a back injury and chose to be a handball coach, where he coached both men and women in Aarhus and Viborg. From 2003-08, Michael worked as Director of Sport at Viborg HK. During that period, Viborg HK achieved eight gold medals, including the coveted Champions League trophy.


As a player, Michael was focused on handball being a fun game with speed and endless opportunities to develop oneself and the team. As a coach, Michael was motivated to get a group of different people to work together through efficient handball, as well as achieving the goals. Furthermore, as Director of Sport, Michael was motivated to develop and optimise the sporting strategy and create a unique team based on the club’s vision, mission and values. In addition to a large network in Danish and international handball, Michael’s strength is a broad knowledge of handball combined with knowledge of tax and finance.


Michael’s philosophy is that you can easily achieve your goals if you are focused, work hard and are in good spirits. Be humble and persistent. Give others a smile, you will get one back.

Frank Henriksen
Women’s handball
Phone : +45 40 40 47 80

Frank Henriksen joined people in sport on 15 August 2011, and he advises and recruits players on the women’s side.


Frank comes from Bording and has previously worked as a sales representative and sales manager. For 20 years he has served on the board of Boarding KFUM Handball, where he helped with the merger of the first teams from Bording KFUM and Ikast FS, which became Ikast-Bording EH in the summer of 1999. Here he acted as the unpaid Director of Sport until 2006, when he got the job as full-time director of the club. In 2009, IBEH was sold to FC Midtjylland, and Frank was Director of Sport here until 1 July 2011. From 2007-2011, he sat on the Division Association and also gained a seat on DHF’s Rule Committee, as well as the European Women’s Committee under DHF. In the summer of 2008, Ikast Municipality opened the doors for a new sports college, and Frank was the chairman until he stopped at FCM. He regarded it as a great pleasure to be the “first mover” in this talent project.


During his twelve years at Ikast, Frank has been motivated by achieving the goals that the club and the squad had set. He has worked with some of the handball world’s biggest stars and he therefore considers being goal-orientated and hard-working as a natural part of everyday life. During his time at IBEH and FCM, Frank has helped to win 1 Danish championship gold, 3 European Cup finals and 2 Cup champion titles.


Frank’s philosophy is that you have to set goals and focus 100% on them. If you spice life up with a good disposition and a smile, you will get the same in return. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Lars Henneberg
Phone : +45 31 70 14 08

Lars Henneberg joined people in sport on 1. september 2015, and works as an agent and adviser on the women’s side.


Lars has a bachelor degree in financial management, which has given him knowhow in the areas of personal finances, contract- and tax law. Furthermore, he read a semester at Jianqiao University in Shanghai, where he completed a course in international negotiation techniques.


Lars has a thorough and structured approach to everything and leave as little as possible to coincidences. He has a fresh insight on the market and an ability to turn things upside down when they are deadlocked, which opens new opportunities to reach the goal.


You must be present in everything you do. It produces fewer misunderstandings and more success for all parties involved. With a foundation of a steel firm commitment, an inner joy and the right choice of collaborators, you have the right start to realize your dreams.

Reidar Møistad
Phone : 0048 512848646

Reidar Møistad joined people in sport august 10th, 2016, and serves as country manager for women’s handball, Norway.


Reidar has a background in marketing and more than 20 years of experience within the IT-industry before he decided to focus solely on handball in 2006. He is educated at the highest coaching level in Europe and certified EHF Master Coach. He has head-coaching experience from Norway (Gjøvik Håndball), Poland (Energa AZS Koszalin) and Denmark (København Håndbold). Further coaching experience includes Norway’s National Youth Team, Norway’s National B-team, assistant coach in Storhamar Håndball Elite and with three Youth Team international finals and participated in four seasons of European cups.


Reidar thrives on building strong relations. Through 11 years of domestic and international handball experience he has created a strong network of players, coaches and leaders. Reidar believes that nothing is impossible if we dare to dream it and work hard.


It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. You achieve more with a smile on your face.