Our aim is to drive results through everything we do for our clients, so they can fully focus on their sporting performance and achieve results.


Optimizing the potential of each player

We offer advice to both young talents and established professional players in the world of sport. Our expertise covers areas such as sporting challenges, financial matters, legal issues, commercial matters and personal obstacles. In addition, we can assist in handling media matters. We have a wide network of contacts with professional sports clubs at home and abroad. Our primary goal is to ensure that each client reaches their full potential and succeeds at the highest level.

The aim is to ensure the full potential of every client

In People in Sport, you are treated as a "whole" person and not just as a "football, ice hockey or handball player". In this way, we help to ensure that both the game, family life and school can be connected so that the player has the best opportunities to perform on the field.

Mads Winther - Founder of People in Sport