" ... From the beginning of our collaboration, I could see that People In Sport also privately supported my goals and dreams. They have supported me a lot beyond just the contractual and legal aspects of my club changes.

"It's nice that it's not just the formalities we talk about, but that there is room for me as a whole person. They have been and are clearly a partner for me."

Louise Burgaard
Louise Burgaard

"I am a player who, in order to perform well on the pitch, also needs to have a balanced everyday life. And from the start of our cooperation, I could see that our collaboration also privately supported my goals and dreams.

Louise Burgaard - FCM Handball
Business with a human touch

At people in sport, we are driven by our ambition to do business with a human face - business with a human touch.

For us, this means that we work hard to create results - both for the company and for those we work with. At the same time, we have a strong focus on ensuring that our customers and partners feel our passion and presence.