"People In Sport were honest and said what they thought would be wise, rather than trying to push through one of the big financially very attractive offers for their own gain.

"They regularly help me with challenges of one kind or another, including private ones. For almost 20 years now, they have helped me with much more than the classic agent work, and I naturally also listen to them now with great confidence. In recent years, our dialog has been with increasing focus on what the time after the elite career should bring.

Anders Rosenkrantz Lindegaard
Anders Rosenkrantz Lindegaard

Meet the People In Sport football team

In People in Sport, you are treated as a "whole" person and not just as a "football or handball player". In this way, we help to ensure that both the game, family life and school can be connected so that the player has the best opportunities to perform on the field.

Mads Winther - Founder of People In Sport

"Since moving to Brentford, I have been in continuous dialog with People In Sport several times a month.

Michael keeps track of how things are going both athletically and personally, and of course we also talk about everything from ambitions to studies alongside football. I manage both housing and my distance studies myself.

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Business with a human touch

At people in sport, we are driven by our ambition to do business with a human face - business with a human touch.

For us, this means that we work hard to create results - both for the company and for those we work with. At the same time, we have a strong focus on ensuring that our customers and partners feel our passion and presence.