"I have worked with Bjarne Madsen throughout my career. When Morten Green joined the company in 2018, I have also benefited greatly from all his qualities.

"I have always felt that it has always been my and my family's interest that has been the first priority. I've never had to think about anything other than playing ice hockey. I have been helped with all kinds of challenges, whether it was related to my sport or not. Always available, very honest, and above all, I have someone I can always trust and has always advised me on the right choices both in sports and in life."

Jesper Aabo Jensen
People in Sport, Jesper Aabo Jensen, Photographer: Thomas-Sjørup-Scanpix
Ice hockey

Meet the ice hockey team from People in Sport

"A good agent has a massive, solid network, both nationally and internationally, and must always offer an individual, 360-degree service. The agent must also know when other expertise may need to be brought in. This could be legal advice, coaching, tax advice or anything else where the good agent knows when their own expertise is not sufficient.

The aim is to ensure the full potential of every client

In People in Sport, you are treated as a "whole" person and not just as a "football, ice hockey or handball player". In this way, we help to ensure that both the game, family life and school can be connected so that the player has the best opportunities to perform on the field.

Mads Winther - Founder of People in Sport