Founder & Managing Partner

Mads Winther

Mads is the founder of People in Sport. He has been dedicated to the sport all his life - both as an active athlete and as a leader and board member of clubs in both the Handball League and the Super League.

Phone: +45 20 14 71 72



Specialty: Football and handball

As founder and chairman of the board, Mads has been involved in the entire history of People in Sports.

He has experience and skills from both the handball court and the boardroom in both professional football and handball clubs. In addition, Mads works with developing people and creating performance at all levels.

Mads has a passion for helping people grow and exceed their own and others' expectations.

Mads People in Sport
Mads Winther - co-founder of people in sport

In our world, we strive for you to reach your full potential as a professional