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Sabine Pedersen

Sabine Pedersen - People in Sport

Phone: +45 2991 7117
Email: sabine@peopleinsport.eu


Specialty: Handball

Sabine is a full-time employee at People In Sport, where she works with the best female handball players in Europe. She draws on her experience from her own professional handball career of 15 years.

She has played in top clubs such as Aalborg DH, Viborg HK and FCM Handball (now HIH ). She has played Champions League for 6 years. This has given her a large network throughout Europe, as well as knowledge of what you face as a young player. She now passes on these experiences in her daily work as an agent.

She lives in Aalborg, Denmark, is married and has 3-year-old Chloe

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Mads Winther - co-founder of people in sport

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