Thomas Løvind Andersen

Synergy benefits our clients

Thomas Løvind Andersen is partner and director of People In Sport with a focus on business development, involvement in new sports and commercial assistance and advice to elite athletes on contract. Thomas draws on his experience from international positions in companies such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Shell.

Thomas Løvind Andersen, Partner, People in Sport

Professional coaching is part of professional sport

"From the start, our company has focused mostly on the two major sports, football and handball, but we have a built-in desire, willingness and curiosity to also look at other sports where we, with our experience, believe we can make a difference for elite athletes. Our experience from the major sports is clearly a help to, for example, Danish ice hockey players and e-sports athletes, and the synergy it provides for all clients is very valuable.

"Agency work is traditionally the contract itself, club contacts and career development, but today a serious agency must of course also support, for example, commercial development for both athletes and the brands that want to get involved in a specific sport.

The core service of helping a talent through his or her career is basically the same in all sports, so it is natural for us to also look at how we can help elite athletes in all kinds of sports. And the network of contacts that multiple sports give us benefits all clients. A sponsor in, for example, professional cycling is often also involved in other sports, so through a broad network, we ensure that our clients have many opportunities through us," says Thomas Løvind Andersen.

"Agency work is traditionally the contract itself, club contacts and career development, but today a serious agency must of course also support, for example, commercial development for both athletes and the brands that want an involvement in a specific sport. Therefore, we generally work a lot with commercial help for our clients, just as we make use of our wide network to help brands and companies that want exposure through a sport or an athlete".

"Commercial help can be anything from traditional clothing contracts and sponsorships, but with the increasing commercialization in the world of sport in all professional sports, we are of course also working on other forms of commercial development.

This ranges from developing TV programs in collaboration with major professional TV brands to looking at commercial approaches to an athlete and clarifying whether it is something we would recommend going ahead with, adding value and also having a positive impact. There are many pitfalls you can fall into, which is why athletes and companies should of course also make use of professional guidance in that part of professional sports", says Thomas Løvind Andersen.

Cross-sectoral cooperation

"In general, we work according to the values of drawing on each other's competences, so that a football agent learns from a handball agent, for example, and they both learn from our commercial people. We do the same with all our clients, so a professional handball player in France, for example, shares his experience with a newly arrived football player who is setting up in the same country. We deliberately bring them together because it is similar for professional athletes to learn how to get along in a new country. This applies to everything from language to family, leisure opportunities and everything else that comes with a stay abroad. Denmark is mostly an exporting country in terms of athletes, which is why it is a natural part of our task to help everyone to have the best possible stay. But professional players in various sports also come to Denmark, and these players also need support and help, which is why we also work with the same principles in Denmark," says Thomas Løvind Andersen.

How do you maintain networks internationally?

"Firstly, our agents work independently abroad, where they cultivate networks and seek out clubs and commercial partners. At the same time, we have offices in several countries, so we are visible in countries such as France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and in several overseas countries where we see opportunities for our athletes and their countries.

It's about presence, so we can do both transfers and develop commercial partnerships, as both will ultimately benefit our clients.

And we have regular partners in several other countries, because professional sport crosses national borders. It's all about presence, so we can do both transfers and develop commercial collaborations, as both benefit our clients in the end. We live, among other things, on our reputation, and we know that players talk to each other across sports, which is why it is always a sensible investment for us to have a solid network and thus be able to help a player regardless of nationality, the popularity of the sport or the individual's wishes for his career or opportunities for commercial collaborations. We must deliver every time, as we, like elite athletes, are never better than our last performance", says Thomas Andersen, who emphasizes that People In Sport has grown over the years due to the company's Danish and Scandinavian values.

"In all respects, we want to demonstrate both professionalism, but more importantly, our core values of transparency, credibility and honesty. We are constantly working on expanding our professional portfolio and what we can help our clients with, and we also intend to start working in even more countries. Just as players need to evolve, so do we, so that we will continue to be the natural choice for professional players in all kinds of sports."

Business with a human touch

At people in sport, we are driven by our ambition to do business with a human face - business with a human touch.

For us, this means that we work hard to create results - both for the company and for those we work with. At the same time, we have a strong focus on ensuring that our customers and partners feel our passion and presence.