Louise Burgaard

Cooperation has definitely helped my career

The Danish national handball team player Louise Burgaard, 28 years old, has, since she was a young big talent in Fredericia HK, collaborated with People In Sport and with ongoing contact with the company's handball agent, Michael Skjern Hansen. In 2019, she switched to the French big club Metz after several seasons in Danish elite handball with most recently Herning Ikast Handball, while she has also played in Viborg HK and Team Tvis Holstebro. At national team level, her career has included European Championship, World Championship and Olympic participation, most recently at the European Championship in 2020.

Louise Burgaard

"I metMichael Skjern and People In Sport at a young age in Fredericia, where he contacted me to talk about whether I should have an agent. I had very big ambitions myself, and in short, I wanted to be "the best in the world". They actually supported that ambition from the start, although I'm not quite sure if he really thought it would be realistic," says Louise Burgaard with a laugh and continues:

"... when I made my Olympic debut for the national team at the age of 19, our common goals quickly turned out to be realized.

"They supported me in that ambition, even though I was not yet under contract at the time. And they took me in with open arms because they believed I had a future at elite level, as I was also a member of the national youth team. Their belief in me was a great help as a young, uncertain talent. Ever since then, they've actually helped with all sorts of things, from housing, education, training, mental health coaches and long-term career plans. The most important thing for me has clearly been that People In Sport from the start saw me as a whole person and not just a professional sportswoman, and that has been very valuable to me," says Louise Burgaard.

"I am a player who, in order to perform well on the pitch, also needs to have a balanced everyday life. And from the start of our collaboration, I could see that our cooperation also privately supported my goals and dreams. They have supported me a lot beyond just the contractual and legal aspects of my club changes. And when I made my Olympic debut for the national team at the age of 19, our common goals were quickly realized. They listen and work hard to help me achieve the goals we set for my career," she says.

During your career, have you ever thought about changing your agency?

"I have had several opportunities to change agents in my career, but I have never really needed to, as our cooperation has worked well throughout the years. Among other things, they are the ones who got me to start an education alongside my elite career, and I have now completed an academy program in International Trade and Marketing. We have not yet talked much about what will happen when the professional career will one day end, but Michael has nudged me a little on that subject, although it is not relevant at the moment. I still feel really comfortable with them, and it gives me peace of mind that things are under control and that I can always draw on them at all levels," says Louise Burgaard.

People In Sport does not pay until the first professional contract is signed

It's nice that we don't just talk about all the formalities, but that there is room for me as a whole person. They have been and are clearly a partner for me"

"In the beginning, working with People In Sport didn't really cost me anything, although they were actively involved in helping my career with objectives and requirements.

It can be difficult for a young talent to manage these kinds of expenses, and it made sense to me that I wouldn't have to pay until the day I got a professional contract.

I experienced it as honesty on their part, and then it makes sense today, where I as a professional am now helping to pay for them to help other young talents get started, "says Louise Burgaard, who herself today in the French big club Metz is in close dialog with People In Sport.

"Of course, there is most dialog between us when it comes to a new contract. But even in quiet periods, I think Michael is good at making unsolicited contact to hear how things are going in both career and private life. It's nice that it's not just all the formalities we talk about, but that there is room for me as a whole person. They have been and are clearly a partner for me," she concludes.

Business with a human touch

At people in sport, we are driven by our ambition to do business with a human face - business with a human touch.

For us, this means that we work hard to create results - both for the company and for those we work with. At the same time, we have a strong focus on ensuring that our customers and partners feel our passion and presence.