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We parents get help too

Malene Hansen and Lars Kjelder Rasmussen are the parents of 18-year-old footballer Christian Theodor Kjelder Rasmussen, who is under contract at Ajax Amsterdam. Christian joined the club from FC Nordsjælland in 2019, where he began his footballing journey at the age of 12.

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The need for more professional sparring arose when Christian's talent required professional sparring

Christian's parents decided to start working with People In Sport when Christian was 15 years old. At that time, they could see the need for more professional sparring in relation to their son's career.

"When Christian was close to 15 years old, we as parents started talking about "agents". At that point, we no longer had any doubts about Christian's talent and became curious about what agents could offer. However, we did not initially seek out agents, but decided to wait for the agents themselves to express their interest to us. And there were actually quite a few who did. One of them was Casper Grøn from People In Sport. We decided to meet with Casper and a number of other agents who had expressed interest. The purpose for us was to learn more about the agent market and how they could help us and our son. After a short conference call with Casper, we were invited in to hear more about the values that People In Sport works by," says Malene and Lars.

We also really appreciated that People In Sport left the football part to FCN and their coaches, while they looked at all the other things that happen around a young, talented player

"The chemistry between us, Christian and the agents Casper Grøn and Michael Stensgaard was good, and from the start they seemed both credible and really quite sober. Casper was very precise about what People In Sport could help with, and they had good knowledge and facts about our son's football qualities. That is why we chose to let Casper Grøn and Michael Stensgaard handle Christian's first youth contract", says Lars and Malene.

"In the beginning, of course, there was no question of Ajax being a target or an option, but we wanted professional help with the youth contract. And in the process, we got to know People In Sport and Casper so well that we have since felt a fundamental trust in their work."

What have they helped with besides the youth contract in FCN and later in the contract between Christian, FCN and Ajax?

"They've helped a lot. We found out with his first contract that they knew the right people and what they stood for. They have always focused on football, but also everything else that surrounds a young talent. For example, the mental preparation for having to cope in a competitive environment at that level and all the practical things. In our eyes, from the start they saw Christian as a whole person rather than just a good young footballer with potential," say Malene and Lars.

"We also greatly appreciated that People In Sport left FCN and their coaches about the football part itself, while they looked more at all the other things that happen around a young, talented player. They have since followed him in everything, and today they have a confidential space with Christian that not even we are part of, although Casper Grøn also does a lot to inform us when needed", the parents say.

What do you as parents use People In Sport for?

"For several years we have built a relationship where they have taken us through the whole process of signing a young player and what it means to become a professional. For us, it has been important to have a good relationship with the people in charge of our son's career and that our values match those of People In Sport. And when an Ajax contract came up, we had many conversations about sending our son to the Netherlands and what it would really mean to become a full-time professional.

We felt very confident when the contract was signed.

They prepared both us and Christian for what that path would mean. We also felt that through their contacts at Ajax, they had a good grasp of what kind of reality Christian was about to say yes to. We would never have sent him if we weren't prepared and knew exactly what it takes mentally to go at such a young age," say Malene and Lars.

"People In Sport drew on their previous experience and they also cultivated a direct contact with Ajax, so we felt very safe when the contract was signed. They told us about the club's host families, where Christian would live, and it was also reassuring that People In Sport had an agent in the Netherlands when he started there.

It gave both us and Christian a good sense of security, because they could help with a lot of practical things on site. Also in terms of schooling. Ajax has provided regular tuition at their youth academy, and his host family has previously had a Danish youth player living with them, so we decided with Christian that he was ready to take on the big challenge," say Lars and Malene.

Have you spoken to People In Sport about your future career?

"Of course, of course. We know he is very often in dialog with his agent Casper, who follows him closely at the academy in Ajax. We are not involved in everything, but we are always well informed if there are challenges in terms of playing or on other levels.

For us, the ongoing dialog means a lot, and we can feel that our conversations both with and without Christian are based on both realism and the confidentiality we need.

Of course, we have also talked about his career and what is realistic in the future, but that decision is governed by how he performs athletically, and we feel that our conversations with People In Sport show us the paths and opportunities that are realistic. For us, the ongoing dialog means a lot, and we can feel that our conversations both with and without Christian are based on both realism and the confidentiality we need.

Nothing is a secret for the agent Casper, who in turn has proven several times that our trust in him is reciprocated, because as Christian's advisor he knows how to support both plans and ideas while always being honest and realistic about our son's goals and possibilities".

"We also know that Christian is happy with the collaboration, so even though both he and we receive inquiries from other agents, we have no plans to change anything in the set-up we have established. Agreements are kept, and then it's actually nice that our son can go to others than us with the thoughts and challenges he encounters professionally.

We are not experienced in that world, but we can feel that they are. And that gives us peace of mind. The last three years of cooperation have been worth it, and we have been in safe hands with the service People In Sport has provided, from contracts to conversations about securing the future, networking and support in the challenges of sending their then 17-year-old son abroad to a very strong and fiercely competitive environment, "say Lars and Malene.

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