Kenneth Jensen

My main task is to motivate and inspire

Kenneth Jensen was the women's handball coach at FC Midtjylland in 2011, where his career culminated in both a Danish championship and a European Cup title. Despite the great results and the fact that he has the highest coaching education in Europe as an EHF Master Coach, he stopped coaching at the top level and in 2012 embarked on a career as a handball agent in People In Sport.


"Back then, my next natural step would probably have been to take a coaching job abroad. But we had just had twins and we decided in the family that neither a career abroad nor continuing as an elite coach was a viable solution. As a coach, I had had a lot of contact with agents and People In Sport, among others. Therefore, in 2012 I chose to use my knowledge and experience to jump into the work as an agent - not least because the job means that I both maintain my contact with the handball world, but even more because it contains what I loved about being a coach: to motivate players, inspire and move them and then see them achieve their dreams", says Kenneth Jensen, who today is a partner and handball agent in People In Sport.

"I personally very much appreciate realizing people's potentials and, through dialogue and direct demands for effort and willingness, finding the way forward for the individual player. I use my experience and professionalism to both scout and see the potential of the individual, and then in close cooperation develop the plan that is needed.

I see myself as an experienced sparring partner who dares to challenge the way a player often thinks. I often push a client out of his or her comfort zone

I never interfere in the actual sporting, as that work lies in the individual club, but I can see for the individual the paths that the player should choose if the player is to achieve his goal. I see myself as an experienced sparring partner who dares to challenge the way a player often thinks. I often push a client out of his or her comfort zone, because you don't develop if you only do the same as yesterday. And always with a goal in mind, whether it's a new Danish club or a career abroad.

Together with the individual client, whether it's an established player or a new talent, it's all about contributing to the next step in their career. Even players who have over 150 international caps on their CV have new goals, and as an agent I must not only give them opportunities, but also show them how to take the next step in their career. And this also applies, of course, when you are in the last year of your career and are about to look at what to do after your professional career. For me, good agent work is also about helping a player all the way - also to a new career, regardless of whether they have, for example, coaching dreams or want to do something completely different outside of sport," says Kenneth Jensen.

You have coached in several top clubs - what can a coach/club do with an agent?

"They can use us to show what and who might be on the market. It's not always just about ability, but also about what the individual club's values are and what they want to focus on. Here we know if there is a player who fits into that club, because we are also sharp at finding the right match. Because there is a big difference between who fits in with a French or Danish club, for example. I work closely with many clubs in both Denmark and internationally, and it gives all clubs the advantage that we know from the start who might fit in. Even if it sometimes means that we have to advise on players who may not be in our stable."

How do you motivate a client towards their goals?

"The work of motivating a player never stops for me. It's about ongoing contact and the courage from us to challenge the individual if their goals are to be achieved. Fortunately, most professional players all want to take a new step, and then I have to continuously challenge them in relation to their dreams and show them how they can reach them. to their dreams and show them how they can reach that goal. The most important thing here is that they want to work hard and purposefully. In this work, I must give the clients room for their dreams, but I must also be the one who can honestly tell them whether it is realistic and what it takes to get there. That's why an agreed action and career plan is always important. And it should include more than just a club name as a goal.

At the same time, the players also know that for us it never goes out of fashion to demand dedication and hard work to help them.

It's about setting sub-goals and making the plan based on the individual player's personality and abilities. No two paths are the same once you are at the level where your talent is big enough to play handball for a living," says Kenneth Jensen.

"Most players are probably full-time professionals for more than ten years, and I am personally also interested in helping players throughout their career and preparing them for both the new top-level club and the contract. But to a large extent also for the vacuum that will arise the day they stop. I think you as an agent owe that to every player.

At the same time, it is clear that the players all talk to each other and draw references from various agents. Fortunately, we often stand out here because we focus on the entire career and not just the next contract. At the same time, the players also know that it never goes out of fashion for us to demand dedication and hard work if we are to help them. In today's professional sports world, I think it's about having good people and advisors around you at all levels if you want to succeed. Also people who dare to say what you as a player might know, but don't want to hear", says Kenneth Jensen.

If I ask one of your clients how you work - what do you hope they will say?

"I hope they will say that I am dedicated and work hard on their behalf and that I am honest and straightforward. They are investing all their time to build a career, and of course as an agent you have to do that yourself. I also hope they will point out that we have expert knowledge about everything from how the Bundesliga works to knowledge about everything from finances to everyday life in a top club. Often a young player will not have the knowledge we have gathered at the top level, whether as a coach, player or manager. And that this knowledge has helped them in their career," Kenneth Jensen concludes.

Business with a human touch

At people in sport, we are driven by our ambition to do business with a human face - business with a human touch.

For us, this means that we work hard to create results - both for the company and for those we work with. At the same time, we have a strong focus on ensuring that our customers and partners feel our passion and presence.